EVE Online previews Uprising’s navy issue ship tweaks and opens a Frontlines testing event


EVE Online has already promised that November’s Uprising update is bringing plenty of new and updated things along for the ride, and now that October is swiftly drifting away, CCP Games is sharing some more granular detail about what the update is bringing, starting off with balance updates to navy issue ships.

According to the preview post, the changes to faction warfare arriving in Uprising provided the opportunity to bring naval ships up from their underperforming ways in order to refresh the meta and add more options for players. That does indeed mean that the changes to navy ships are falling primarily on the buff side, with more damage, increased rate of fire, or additional bonuses. The post also details some non-naval ship changes for a wide variety of specific vessels.

Speaking of faction warfare – particularly the Frontlines feature that CCP previously detailed – a special testing event on Singularity is underway from now to November 4th. This so-called “Frontlines Wargame” will take place in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone and pits either side against one another purely for the purposes of testing Frontline. As further enticement, the devs are offering some unique rewards “for individual capsuleers and player corporations who distinguish themselves.”

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