TERA’s console version continues to see new weapons and dungeons in monthly updates

Here I am, stuck in the middle with whatever this is.

We are now roughly four months removed from the sunsetting of TERA on PC, which leaves one question: How is the console version doing thus far? While we’re not able to glean anything in terms of player numbers, we can at least confirm that the past few months have at least seen updates applied to the MMO, and not just the maintenance mode variety.

While there was a pause on updates between May and July, Bluehole has since been making monthly updates to the game. July saw a new hard mode dungeon and summer battle pass, August brought some tweaks to dungeon rewards and enhancement materials, September reopened the Rift Dungeon, and this month brought some new Kaia’s Fury weapons and some main quest improvements.

These updates may have otherwise been missed since the game’s social media accounts have effectively fallen silent while its new Twitter account doesn’t even point to patch notes. The community appears to be engaged elsewhere, primarily in the game’s still active and conversational Discord, while a subreddit for the game has a bit of community activity going on, with some of the recent posts asking about replacements for TERA or whether the game is worth coming back to in 2022.

sources: official site, Twitter (1, 2), Facebook, Discord, Reddit
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