Old School RuneScape outlines incoming changes to Tombs of Amascut drops and player polling


Yes, Old School RuneScape is apparently going to be tuning something related to August’s Tombs of Amascut raid again, but this time it’s less about desperate balancing needs and more about a little bit of dial tuning, particularly in regard to some of the encounter’s rewards.

To that end, Jagex published a new post that goes into some pretty deep detail with numbers and explanation, but the short version is that the Osmumten’s Fang sword will see a nerf to its accuracy rerolls (because it was being calculated incorrectly) and some adjustments to how drop rates for items are weighted. For those who must have all of the numbers and formulas associated with these planned updates, the post linked above has you covered.

In other OSRS news, Jagex is going to change how it polls the playerbase, adding more steps to the polling and feedback process, with the goals of getting consensus over sowing division, making polling feel “empowering,” and providing greater flexibility to create more detailed plans for updates. The devs have also had to deal with another wealth exploit.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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