ZeniMax’s unannounced AAA MMO has ramped up to 200 developers since 2018


That Elder Scrolls Online’s Zenimax Online Studios is working on another major game is not new information – we’ve been covering it since 2018 thanks to a long run of hiring ads that suggested the game would be a AAA MMO with a new IP.

What is new is a an interview with the Product Builders Podcast that ZOS creative director Ben Jones just did that gives more information than we’ve gotten in the last four years of patience, although it’s still not much of an infodump, so don’t get too excited. Just a little excited.

According to the interview, the team working on the game counts 200 devs “spread all over the world,” 50 of whom constitute the design team and at least 100 of whom are remote (it went a heavily remote company before COVID). Apparently, the storyline has changed multiple times over the course of development; Jones says the game represents “considerable investment” and is a “very large scope project,” though he doesn’t specifically call it an MMO (we’re just still assuming that based on the verbiage of past hiring ads). Perhaps the best news here is that the game is still in production – and it’s gonna be a big one.

Source: Product Builders Podcast via Windows Central. Thanks, Bels!
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