Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday returns on December 13 as players play Secret Santa


As winter holiday events turn on their twinkle lights around the MMO genre, Guild Wars 2 has picked December 13th for its big shebang: Wintersday launches next week.

“For three weeks, you can access the Secret Lair of the Snowmen strike mission, the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, multiple merry game modes, and a massive list of seasonal rewards exclusive to this festival,” ArenaNet vows. “Complete Wintersday activities and open Wintersday Gifts to collect a large assortment of holiday treats and surprises. Many Wintersday activities and events will award progress toward seasonal achievements that unlock unique rewards. You can find more information on these achievements and their rewards in your Hero panel under the Daily and Festivals categories.”

Incidentally, if you’re a fan of “secret Santa” events in the real world, you can take part in one in Tyria too: ArenaNet is promoting a player-led Secret Toymaker event, so you can sign up to give a gift to a lucky player – and get one from a different player yourself. Signups run through December 16th.

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