Elder Scrolls Online kicks off its New Life Festival today


Ready for a little holiday cheer in The Elder Scrolls Online? Then you’ll be wanting to enjoy the New Life Festival, which is very distinct from any other real-world holidays that might happen around this time of year in the real world. It is also distinct from any individual days associated with life. The point here is that there’s a holiday celebration, and you should take part now before it slips away on January 23rd, 2023.

And what can you get from this particular celebration, aside from a vague sense of togetherness and a general warming of your spirit? Boxes full of valuable and loot, including pages to teach you the Evergreen armor style which is new to this event. Complete daily quests to earn these boxes, along with Event Tickets you can trade in for specific desirable rewards. Check out the full rundown or just jump into the game and get into the spirit of giving all you can in both effort and good cheer.

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