Old School RuneScape corrects issues with the Phantom Muspah boss encounter


Once players finish the Secrets of the North quest in Old School RuneScape, they can take on the new Phantom Muspah boss. That’s kind of the big reward for the quest in the first place, considering what the boss drops. But now that players have been taking on the boss for a bit there have proven to be some problems, like Phantom Muspah’s melee attacks not hitting through prayers of Protection From Melee and difficulty in afflicting the boss with Freeze abilities, which have prompted some changes for balance.

Melee abilities can now hit through prayer more consistently but have lower accuracy overall, while freeze effects have a higher chance of hitting assuming the boss isn’t already frozen. There are also lowered rewards from the drop table and a few fixes to existing loot issue like with the Venator Bow. Check out the full rundown and explanation of changes on the official site, especially if you were in any way dissatisfied with Phantom Muspah previously.

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