Lost Ark’s Art of War March update launches tomorrow morning while you sleep


Amazon is hyping up tomorrow’s big patch launch for Lost Ark, the March release dubbed The Art of War. Fittingly, the heart of the patch is the Tulubik Battlefield, a massive RvR mode that pits 96 players against each other. “In Tulubik Battlefield, players will have the chance to determine the fate of Rowen and earn rewards in 48v48 Realm versus Realm matches,” the studio writes. “Players will need to be Faction Rank 3 and Item Level 1490 to enter Tulubik Battlefield.”

If you’re not the mass-PvP sort, you’re probably fixated on the new Artist class, who brush-strokes her way into the game tomorrow too, along with the new Ark Pass.

Patch notes are up now for those who want to read every last detail, otherwise you can get ready to patch up as downtime behind at 3 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning.

Source: Official site, press release
Update, March 15, 8:48 a.m. EDT
Looks like the rollout hit a snag and the patch still isn’t in as of this morning. “Today’s maintenance will be extended for an additional hour as we work to get the game back up and running. The new estimated end time is 7 AM PT / 3 PM CET. We apologize for the continued delays,” the studio wrote just a few minutes ago. That’s 10 a.m. EDT.

Update, March 15, 10:06 a.m. EDT
Extended again.

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