Worried about The Day Before? Its sauna will melt your cares away!


Despite its studio putting on the bravest of all faces and saying that there’s nothing to be worried about, The Day Before’s weird twisty-turny saga has given fans of this post-apocalyptic survival title a lot of well-earned anxiety. With numerous delays and a legal battle over the trademark for its name, The Day Before is facing a lot of headwinds coming to market, if it ever does.

But why seek troubles when you could soak in… bubbles? In a new video, studio Fntastic showed one of the time-honored traditions of the post-apocalyptic world: soaking in a sauna! What other way to communicate absolute confidence in your product than to show men bathing in each other’s sweat-water? You know that the filter on that thing expired like four years ago, so enjoy getting a staph infection by hitting “F.”

Confidence level in The Day Before’s release: sky high, definitely.

Source: YouTube
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