Mad World drops new trailer, promises to reveal launch date next week


Mad World studio Jandisoft says it’s not worried about launching against Diablo IV, but it’s surely not an accident that it’s dropped a brand-new trailer just ahead of its biggest rival’s open beta.

Now, this is a hype and atmosphere trailer, with only glimpses of gameplay, which won’t be a huge problem as the devs have previously dropped plenty of that already. The biggest news of the trailer is… an announcement for the announcement of the release date! Jandisoft has clarified that the game will indeed launch on Steam and that yes, it’s finally going to reveal its launch plans next week.

The company previously announced that it was on track to launch by June and appears to have dropped the “permanent open beta” verbiage it tried out last year, but we do note here that this game has been delayed four times since 2018 (!) already, so we’ll believe the launch when we see it.

Source: YouTube
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