Pokemon Go’s Niantic pushes Marvel World of Heroes into beta, announces Monster Hunter Now


Niantic is continuing is thus far unsuccessful attempts to make MMOARGs besides one attached to the Pokemon IP happen following the flop of its Harry Potter game, as we’re now watching multiple titles in addition to Peridot. The two newest on our radar is Marvel World of Heroes and Monster Hunter Now.

You might recall that Marvel World of Heroes was announced last fall with a super vague trailer that showed zero gameplay. Niantic hasn’t done much else since then to hype the game, which seems like a weird move, and the site is still largely empty. However, the game is playable in test format in New Zealand right now, and apparently, it’s pretty terrible; Forbes describes it as “extremely rough” and “unfinished,” with “ugly characters, repetitive and badly animated combat, [and] a strange storyline,” which… seems fair.

Following up this hot mess appears to be Monster Hunter Now, a collab with Capcom, which Niantic announced last night; it’s expected to make a “global launch” in 2023, though whether it has any more success than Harry Potter Wizards Unite or looks any better in testing than the Marvel attempt is an open question.

“For anyone who’s ever dreamed of hunting monsters in the real world, ‘Monster Hunter Now’ brings that fantasy to life. Taking the role of a hunter, players will venture forth and team up with fellow players in order to take down the fiercest monsters in the world, adding a social element to the thrilling experience. Since ‘Monster Hunter Now’ can be played on smartphones, you can easily invite your friends to join.”

Source: Twitter, Forbes, MHN
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