Medieval fantasy MMO Past Fate beefs up early game and optimization


As it heads toward early access later this year, the freedom-happy medieval fantasy MMO Past Fate is keeping things spicy with both increased promotion and new patches in the closed alpha. In fact, Patch 0.4.3 released last week with improvements to the early game and the brand-new Blackfang Keep open-world dungeon.

“Early zones have had more things added to them,” the team at Icy North said. “You can now find more lore items scattered in the world, more NPC’s to interact with and more gatherables to collect! We have improved the enemy AI to roam around their spawns. The AI loot table has also been increased with more item drops. The same applies to treasure chests found around the world.”

It’s also good to hear that progress is being made with Past Fate’s optimization, as this can become a make-or-break situation for early adopters of any MMO.

Source: Steam
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