Kickstarted open-world MMO Past Fate posts new early access video


We’ve had an eyeball on skill-based open-world MMORPG Past Fate since at least 2019, when it first made it into one of our MMOs you’ve never heard of roundups, but the game’s come a long way since then, even landing $25,000 in Kickstarter funds back in 2020 and rolling into an open alpha last summer and then again earlier this year. Of course, it’s also several years behind; it was originally planning to launch in 2020, and as of right now it’s flagged as early access on Steam. So what’s it up to now?

A new video – and it’s pretty short one that mixes pretty music with a knight charging down a road into battle, but it does give a glimpse of combat, animations, and graphics for folks who didn’t want to sit through 33 minutes of it in last month’s preview video.

Readers will recall that Icy North Games has a long list of features planned for the freeform MMO, with everything from naval content to territory control. Last fall, the studio released a roadmap plotting out the expansion of maps, PvP, and raids; we’re tucking it below as it’s the most recent posted.

The studio also notes in Discord that it’s planning another round of open alpha soon; we’re assuming that bonking the “request access” on the Steam page will put you in that queue.

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