Diablo Immortal teases new class in July, prepares celebrations for its first year and Diablo IV’s launch in June


Diablo Immortal will be marking its first anniversary on June 2nd, and that naturally means there will be some things to celebrate, including both the first-year milestone as well as the upcoming launch of Diablo IV in some content updates due for June.

The early part of June will see a launch celebration for D4 within DI with a Merciless Monstrosity event, a new battle pass featuring Lillith-themed cosmetics, and the opening of the Hatred’s Heritage Phantom Market. Shortly after that in mid-June, the mobile title will introduce the new Ancients’ Cradle zone with more main story quests, side quests, a new PvP zone, and fresh enemies to turn into soup/goodies.

Finally, the month of July will introduce “a monstrous new class” that promises to bring new blood to the Diablo franchise overall, as well as a mid-range playstyle and the use of a classic series weapon. More details are promised soon, but for now there’s at least get a general shape of things to come.

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