Genshin Impact’s in-game TCG is getting an in-game tournament, more modes, and more cards May 24


The Genius Invokation trading card game-within-a-game of Genshin Impact is going to see a whole bunch of updates on Wednesday, May 24th. That’s when Update 3.7 is set to go live, which will launch a new in-game event that’s all about the very serious business of playing a card game.

The King of Invokation Grand Prix will offer up some card-themed events for players to take part in, including an unofficial tourney known as Zero Hour Invokation that limits duelists to a set of selected cards and a pair of mini-games inspired by Genius Invokation that involve restoring card art or using elemental dice in battle. Other activities during the event include a sightseeing parkour challenge or a combat challenge, all of which will award currency to get rewards like a four-star bow.

In addition to the in-game TCG tournament, Genius Invokation is getting a number of general updates like a new PvP arena mode where players need to secure five wins, a new PvE mode that features selectable difficulty modifiers to earn extra points, and 60 new cards featuring new characters, monsters, weapons, and artifacts.

For those who are not interested in card gaming, Update 3.7 will also debut Kirara, a four-star Dendro sword user with some swift-moving attacks. Her banner will kick off the first half of the patch alongside reruns for Yoimiya and Yae Miko, while the latter half of the update brings back a chance at Kaedehara Kazuha and Alhaitham. A preview of all of this card-flinging goodness awaits below.

source: press release
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