Fractured Veil shares Unreal Engine visual upgrades, peeks at new equipment, and confirms testing delay


As the month of May winds down, Paddle Creek Games is once again checking in with a new progress report for its survival shooter Fractured Veil, which tangentially asks players an important question: Would you like to wear tins of processed meat product as armor?

The update post grants some looks at a variety of inventive pieces of kit, including guns made out of bamboo, an assault rifle with a coconut taped to the stock for maximum bonking power, and another rifle with some very lovely markings burned into the wood. And then there’s the Legally Indistinct Spam Can armor cobbled together with some other random elements for that perfect, post-apocalyptic, “I’m barely hanging on to survival” kind of vibe.

The post also provides a whole slew of location shots powered by Unreal Engine 5.1, which all look pretty but are not quite ready to go to production due to some performance issues. That said, the devs are “barreling ahead, fixing bugs and adjusting systems” to get this shinier Hawaii to the tester’s hands, but that work is going to delay any Steam playtesting for some time after May. In the meantime, you can at least take in these pretty shots in the gallery below.

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