World of Warcraft’s next update for Wrath of the Lich King Classic will arrive on June 20

Cool. This is cool. This is all really cool.

Do you miss how retail World of Warcraft has Mythic+ dungeons when you play WoW Classic? Is that what you really wanted to bring into your experience with the game? Because that’s what you’re getting when the game’s next major patch arrives on June 20th as announced with the latest “This Week in WoW” post. (Keen observers may notice that this is an interesting definition of “this week” that means “in four weeks,” but why quibble?) The new Titan Rune Dungeons allow you to earn loot from Ulduar while buffing up dungeons, along with awarding currency to use for purchasing further gear from Ulduar.

Of course, Ulduar itself will be supplanted not long thereafter, since Trial of the Crusader will launch on June 22nd. But those will be an eventful two days, probably. Meanwhile the actual events occurring this week are listed as being very light, mostly reminders that the Trading Post for May will come to an end soon (due to, you know… the end of May). It’s mostly about them not-quite Mythic+ dungeons in the Classic version, in other words.

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