New World offers a minor video on minor updates


Not every update to New World (or any game) is about being a big heckin’ chonker of a thing. The newest video from the game with Katy Kaszynski (live lead) and Derek Hernandez (lead producer) is all about the updates that are not big chonkers but are, in fact, more minor. Even the video is kind of minor because it’s shorter than normal. But that’s all right. Sometimes minor is just fine.

Hernandez and Kaszynski explain that minor updates aren’t meant to replace larger updates; they’re based around bug fixes, balance changes, utility shifts, occasional microtransaction skins, and other things that don’t really need a big update to shine. It’s more important that these updates reach players quickly than that they get rolled into a larger context. Check out the video just below to learn a bit more about how the developers handle minor updates; it’s a short one, but it’s a useful topic and worth a bit of notice.

Source: YouTube
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