Sci-fi shooter ARC Raiders expands its scope and genre to include survival-style PvPvE


If you heard the initial announcement of ARC Raiders back in 2021 and quickly dismissed the game for being nothing more than a PvP shooter, you may want to give this one a second look. That’s because Nexon’s Patrick Söderlund-led Embark Studios announced this past week that it is expanding the scope and focus of the game to become a “PvPvE survival extraction shooter.”

“Over the course of development, ARC Raiders has taken the shape of what we believe to be a truly promising PvPvE survival extraction shooter — a game that stays true to the ARC Raiders universe and we’re having a blast testing internally,” the studio said.

In ARC Raiders, players are dropped onto a post-apocalyptic earth and challenged to survive as they (title drop) raid the planet for resources needed to help an underground colony thrive.

Embark said that it’s working up to a closed alpha test with an NDA sometime this summer.

Source: Steam, IGN
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