Throne & Liberty kicks off Korean closed beta as we wait for the fall launch


In a year when we’ve seen some pretty extreme delays already for anticipated titles, it falls to the least-delayed MMOs to offer the most comfort. Thus, there’s a lot of pressure on NCsoft and Amazon’s upcoming Throne & Liberty to not only come out this fall without a further postponement but actually deliver on its Lineage lineage.

This means testing, and a whole lot of it. While we’re still waiting for the western version to arrive, the Korean closed beta test kicked off yesterday in preparation for the game’s eventual release.

Throne and Liberty was part of NCsoft’s recent “MMORPG Spirit” video showcasing the studio’s 25-year legacy:

NCsoft bills this MMO as “a free-to-play MMORPG set in the vast world of Solisium, with a dynamic environment, massive-scale PvPvE, and the ability to transform into creatures to battle across land, sea, and air.”

Source: Twitter
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