Guild Wars 2’s next fractal launches alongside the class-balance patch on June 27


So players knew – as long ago as the May roadmap – that Guild Wars 2 was destined for a major class-balancing update come June 27th. That’s still happening. They also knew that ArenaNet was planning a new summer fractal. That’s also still happening! In fact, it’s happening the same day.

“Prepare to experience a piece of Canthan history: Captain Thess and his Serpent Clan set out to find survivors of the Jade Wind and encounter a growing evil beneath the petrified sea,” the studio tweeted last night. “The Silent Surf fractal comes to Guild Wars 2 on [June] 27.”

As noted, the patch ought to shake up everyone’s playstyle even if fractals aren’t at all your jam; ArenaNet has emphasized it aims to improve “the feeling of moment-to-moment gameplay” for boon support builds, add alternate playstyles for some specs, give players reasons to play underutilized weapons, and make traits more flexible by “removing additional skill-type-specific recharge-reduction traits and rolling the reduction into baseline skills where it makes sense to do so.”

Source: Twitter
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