Craftopia releases its massive seamless world update, maps out content plans through September


Yesterday saw a huge update release for the quirky multiplayer survivalbox Craftopia, as its much-ballyhooed seamless world update officially went live, bringing with it a large open world map, new crafting automation features like the addition of pipelines, completely revamped dungeons, and some new combat mechanics like power attacks and shield breaks.

The announcement post that heralded this new update has also offered a content roadmap that reaches out to the next few months. Players can look forward to new cave delves, a new age, and a new Brigandine Valley in July; a new Sherbert Iceberg area, new world bosses, another new age, and a new craft rod item in August; and another new age, raids, armor and accessory enhancement, and vehicle customization in September. The full roadmap can be clicked below.

Pocket Pair is currently celebrating this new release with a 40% discount to buy into the early access game, while those who want to transfer their data from an old save to the new update have these instructions to follow.

source: Steam (1, 2, 3)
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