Kickstarted sandbox Fractured Online unrolls massive balancing and movement patch


As Dynamight Studios’ post-Gamigo testing revamp of Fractured Online continues, the team is adjusting the game on the fly based on player feedback.

“The Server War playtest is in full swing, and we’ve received a mountain of fedback exactly where we needed it – that is, on the balancing of end-game characters, i.e. those that have reached max rank and have all ability schools at level 10/10,” the studio says. “The most glaring issues pointed out by the community were: Damage is too high all over the board. This makes fights too short and competitive non-tanky builds always focused on burst damage. Crowd control effects are too long, particularly those that completely prevent movement like roots and stuns. A few specific spells are definitely OP, while some others are hardly ever used.”

Accordingly, Dynamight has tweaked a range of movement mechanics and skills, as well as optimized CPU usage in crowds and balanced an absurd number of spells and class skills.

This leg of Fractured’s pre-launch test runs through July 30th and is accessible only to prepurchase players.

Source: Patch notes
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