Niantic’s Monster Hunter Now MMOARG opens prereg ahead of September 14 launch


Don’t look now, but Niantic is spinning up a few more plates and hoping they don’t come crashing to the ground: As previously announced, the MMOARG company partnered with Capcom for the Pokemon Go-esque Monster Hunter Now, which has opened preregistrations (and a giant promo to entice them) as of today.

Just a month ago, Niantic laid off 230 workers, announcing a sunset for one title and the end of development on another; the latter, Marvel World of Heroes, was then also abruptly sunsetted in mid-July. You’d think that kind of treatment of a major IP and its fanbase would give other IP holders pause when it comes to these partnerships… but here we are.

Monster Hunter Now’s launch date was announced earlier today during the team’s showcase.

“A total of 13 monsters will be available in the game at worldwide launch: Great Jagras, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Pukei-Pukei, Barroth, Great Girros, Tobi-Kadachi, Jyuratodus, Paolumu, Anjanath, Rathian, Legiana, Rathalos and Diablos. […] These monsters will be found in unique habitats such as forest areas, desert areas, or swamp areas. As hunters explore around their towns, they’ll discover these habitats and find monsters specific to those areas. […] [W]eapons including ‘Sword & Shield’, ‘Great Sword’, ‘Long Sword’, ‘Hammer’, ‘Light Bowgun’, and ‘Bow’ will be available at worldwide launch.”

The formal launch is expected September 14th.

Pokemon Go studio Niantic is considered a controversial gaming company owing to multiple scandals and deceptions, starting with the Wi-Spy privacy scandal; over the years, it’s repeatedly failed to secure player data, endangered players during the pandemic, and refused to address documented stalking in POGO. It also rolled back popular accessibility features to incentivize data collection, faked data, and lied about event results. Following 2021’s community-driven Pokemon No boycott, Niantic vowed transparency and communication; it has not delivered.
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