Fae Farm confirms cross-platform play will be available in its September 8 launch


Those who have been following the cozy life sim multiplayer title Fae Farm are likely familiar that the game will be landing on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and the Epic Games Store when it makes its September 8th release, but now a more important development is being heralded by Phoenix Labs: the addition of cross-platform play for those who want to join up with others for online adventures.

Fae Farm, the upcoming magic-infused cozy farm sim, will feature cross-play across all announced platforms for the game. Players will be able to share in the adventure with all their friends through Azoria, regardless of which platform they choose, including Nintendo Switch, Steam, or the Epic Game Store.”

This cross-platform play feature was the highlight of a recent livestream, as two of the game’s devs joined up for some co-op gaming across the Steam version and Nintendo Switch version. The footage also provides a generally broad look at Fae Farm’s gameplay, touching on farming, animal husbandry, crafting, and dungeon delving, while also showing off some multiplayer-leaning quality-of-life features such as one player being able to complete a quest for everyone in the group.

Speaking of dungeon delving, that’s the focus of the title’s latest showcase video that also debuted during the cross-play stream, as it talks up how players can take a break from pastoral pursuits for some more combative ones in the game’s delves.

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