Genshin Impact releases a new nation, new characters, and underwater exploration August 16


There’s a whole lot of water-based stuff headed to Genshin Impact on Wednesday, August 16th. That’s when the single-player/multiplayer RPG will introduce Version 4.0 and its new watery nation of Fontaine, underwater exploration missions, and some new characters to boot.

“Located northeast of the Sumeru desert, Fontaine is now ruled by Focalors, the Hydro Archon and the God of Justice. Under her influence, trials have become important public events at the Opera Epiclese, where magic, farce, tragedy, and various sorts of performances also take place. The latest chapter of the Archon Quest also takes place here, and players will witness a masterful magic show by Lyney and Lynette as well as an ongoing trial.”

Not only will Fontaine be host to new story content, it will also have underwater exploration missions for players to enjoy. While diving beneath the waves, players can take on underwater battles, absorb abilities from special aquatic creatures to defend themselves or free treasure from seaweed, and collect special items to recover stamina or speed up movement, all without having to worry about replenishing oxygen thanks to some magical handwavium. Two new boss fights will also be on offer in Fontaine.

Version 4.0 will once more swell the RPG’s roster of gacha characters with the arrival of the five-star Pyro archer Lyney, the four-star Anemo sword swinger Lynette, and the four-star Cryo claymore user Freminet. As for other features in the update, players can look forward to new lighting and gyroscope support for the PS5 version, a multi-layered map feature, and a way to read more background details for characters.

While the update is still a couple of weeks away, players can check out a new cinematic trailer below, along with a video showcasing a special Fontaine-focused concept art exhibit that’s arriving to several major cities around the globe.

source: press releases
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