Solarpunk MMO Loftia nears $500K on Kickstarter, addresses stretch goals and pledge tiers


As Loftia inches ever closer to the $500K crowdfunding mark after its blowout Kickstarter debut, the “medium-ly multiplayer” solarpunk game has offered up some additional information for followers about its most recently unlocked stretch goal and the game overall.

The Kickstarter’s latest update post provides a rundown of the game’s part-timer feature, which will let players take up part-time jobs at in-game places like the boba shop, bakery, and study cafe. Gameplay will primarily focus on running errands and serving meals to visitors, along with additional minigames that are described as variations of the core advanced cooking minigame that was unlocked as a stretch goal earlier.

In addition to the briefing on part-timer gameplay, the Kickstarter post also details a fan art contest that lets creative fans of the project submit their artwork. Entrants have until August 21st to offer their work, which will then be narrowed down to a top 30 selection that will be voted on by Discord members between August 22nd and 26th. Selected winners will have their art featured with full credit in the game’s official art book and will also receive a free Kickstarter Art Pack tier and a Whale Turbine plushie.

Speaking of the Loftia Discord, a Q&A livestream that was recently held by Qloud Games has been condensed into PDF format by the studio. Some of the provided answers include briefs about how the thrift store and housing expansion features will work, confirmation that it plans to enter early access on Nintendo Switch in 2025, plans to provide most pledge tiers as standalone “pre-order” purchases on the game’s site once crowdfunding ends, and a few details on soloability and multiplayer project gameplay.

Qloud Games also addresses how it plans to meet its ambitious MMO gameplay goals with such a small team while still turning a profit. It assures that its team has the technical know-how, the right tools, and functional internal builds to make Loftia happen, and even references an earlier dev blog precisely about its move to creating an MMO.

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