DC Universe Online brings back its Save the Universe event from now until September 6


Player characters in DC Universe Online are probably used to hearing the plea to save the universe (unless they’re rolling villain characters of course), but last year’s Save the Universe event put a little spin on that typical superheroic call to action, offering classic missions that are scaled up for high-level players. That event’s general thrust is coming back again this year, with another set of ramped-up older missions to face and some new rewards for doing so.

The Save the Universe mission content will once again be broken up into two parts: Content Set 1 brings the Raising Hades duo mission, the four-player Themyscira Divided alert, and the eight-person God of Monsters raid from now until August 23rd, while August 24th through September 6th will release the Pub Crawl duo, Darkness Rising four-player alert, and Fellowship of the Arcane eight-player raid in Content Set 2. After that, both sets of missions will be available at the same time between September 7th and 20th.

Naturally, players will be getting some handsome rewards for playing these ramped-up missions, including two new feats, new outfit styles, and other rewards on top. It’s another several weeks’ worth of old mission dogs showing off new tricks, and it’s on for players now.

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