Destiny 2 outlines Season 22’s exotics buffs – and Arc Titan and Strand’s suspend effect nerfs


While last week brought a general overview of Season 22’s updates for Destiny 2, this week has a more granular look at what’s changing in the next season, specifically in terms of exotic armors and class abilities, just to get ultra-sweaty buildcrafters prepared for disappointment or delight depending on certain points of view.

In terms of exotic armors, the primary goal for Bungie is to bring up underused gear. As one might anticipate, this means adjustments are falling on the buff side of the spectrum for exotics like Knucklehead Radar, Icefall Mantle, Hallowfire Heart, and Wings of Sacred Dawn.

The abilities portion of the post is where we start to see the nerf bat being swung mightily: Barricades are being tuned down in the interest of PvP balance, the Striker Titan is seeing a significantly longer cooldown for Thundercrash and drastically lowered damage versus players for Knockout, and the suspend effect of Strand is being severely tamped down in PvE along with some associated suspend aspects.

On the subject of Strand, many other portions of the element are getting adjusted, such as an easier button press for using the grapple lunge punch, more damage output for threadlings, a slightly bigger debuff for enemies affected by sever, and several additional tweaks for other Strand aspects.

source: official site via Kotaku
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