Fae Farm drums up launch hype with a PAX West appearance, community event, and launch trailer


Cozy life sim gaming fans are now less than two weeks away from the full release of Fae Farm, which naturally means that developer Phoenix Labs is continuing to shovel coal into its hype engine. The most recent developer livestream tried to stir the pot with another round of co-op gameplay, but opened the broadcast with a couple of little announcements.

The stream started with a peek at the game’s music being recorded, followed by the announcement that the soundtrack was now available for fans to listen to on their preferred streaming platform. Following that, the devs confirmed that Fae Farm will be at PAX West, with playable demos, free schwag and merch giveaways, and a community event at the nearby Anchorhead Coffee shop just minutes from the Seattle Convention Center. Finally, the studio promoted its launch trailer, first revealed last week at Gamescom.

The rest of the stream was primarily comprised of another round of cross-play farming and gameplay, along with answers to player questions about mechanics, NPC dialogue (which couldn’t be answered), and even a couple of answers specific to the two devs themselves. The full broadcast as well as the launch trailer are awaiting below, and if you’d like more direct thoughts on this cozy little slice of multiplayer gaming, make sure to check out our impressions of the first four chapters.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), official site
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