Destiny 2 announces Halloween contests, outlines plans to make Sparrows faster in Season 23


The weekly Destiny 2 newsletter is less about major updates and more about its Festival of the Lost event, as it continues to mark the seasonal celebration with a few little contests for players to enjoy, with a unique emblem awaiting as the prize.

Players are being encouraged to either put together a simple cosplay, carve a pumpkin, or personalize an Eris Morn paper mask template, then use a social media hashtag to show off their creations. Bungie will select their favorite shares to post in a following newsletter and give the player a unique Hallowed Coronation emblem.

One of the other major portions from this week’s newsletter is more information on speed increases coming to all Sparrows in Season 23: All legendary and exotic Sparrows will default to the highest possible speed of 190 along with a health increase when players login at the season’s start. This is to match the speed of the exotic Always on Time Sparrow, though that mount will still retain slightly better fuel economy, slightly lowered enemy aggression, and slightly better side-to-side boost.

The rest of the newsletter otherwise confirms the next modifier to Checkmate coming in the Crucible Lab, gives dates for weapons exiting Nightfall and Trials loot pools, and pushes Prime Gaming goodies that are available for players to claim.

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