Lord of the Rings Online vows to beef up Corsairs of Umbar’s endgame


One of the criticisms that arrived in the wake of the latest Lord of the Rings Online expansion is that it has very little to offer once players exhaust the questlines in Corsairs of Umbar. This situation looks to be rectified in a few weeks as Standing Stone Games posted a mini-roadmap of sorts for the rest of the year.

The next update, which is scheduled for December 6th, aims to beef up the currently non-existent endgame in Umbar. “We want to take some time to outline our upcoming content release plans to provide further repeatable and end-game content to this region,” the devs said.

Plans for the patch include 28 new quests, a “modest number” of repeatable quests, an increase of the Allegiance level, crafting guilds for Umbar, a new set of missions, and the return of the Combe Forester event.

Further out into early 2024, SSG previously indicated that it’s working on Corsairs of Umbar’s dungeons, a raid, and a fourth crafting profession slot.

Source: LOTRO
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