Fractured Online sold 5000 copies, devs post short-term update roadmap and more stats


Most of the time we’re left to educated guesses, supposition, or cutting through the Gordian knot of investor report double-speak when it comes to figuring out how well an MMORPG is doing from a financial and player headcount standpoint. However, Fractured Online is laying it all out on the table, providing no-nonsense charts of the game’s sales and player headcount to date.

The data presented shows sales and concurrency from the sandbox’s return to early access and Wednesday, November 22nd, which show 5,000 copies sold, $118,000 in gross revenue, what Dynamight Studios is calling satisfactory player counts, and an 81% positive review score on Steam in terms of its recent reviews.

The post further accentuates the positives of these data, saying that the CCU figures are “awesome” considering Fractured’s “very stealth launch with zero promotion” and claiming that revenues will be “enough to pay all salaries of 2023 (including all those left behind) and then some” if things continue this trend by the end of the year.

The dev blog then closes with a roadmap of some general development plans for the next two months, which will include beefing up security in the wake of last weekend’s hack, tweaking several character progression paths, improving balance including a specific call-out of overpowered mages, and introducing city bonuses, among other plans.

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