EVE Online’s winter holiday events return next week with ‘glamorous gifts, games, and glory’

Now is the winter of our WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

You might not look to the likes of EVE Online for your dose of Christmas spirit, but CCP Games would like to change that – and given the game’s recent boost in players post-Havoc, you won’t be alone if you give it a go. That’s because the studio is preparing the Yoiul Festival, aka Winter Nexus, for New Eden. Has it ever made sense? No. Do we mind? Also no!

“The most festive time of the year, the Yoiul Festival, is upon New Eden, bringing with it sparkly snowstorms, chilly challenges, and rare rewards. The ever popular Winter Nexus returns, from 5 December to 4 January, in celebration of the Yoiul festival, with glamorous gifts, games and glory,” the studio says. “Multiple snowy metaliminal will travel around the cluster, turning New Eden into a winter wonderland filled with Yoiul challenges that allow pilots to earn sensational rewards.”

In addition to wrecking you with ice storms, the team is promising “fun-filled roams through the snowstorms, Yoiul themed live streams on CCP TV, festive Twitch drops and much more.”

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