Lord of the Rings Online’s 2024 roadmap includes an expansion, new hobby, and kinship ‘refresh’


It’s Lord of the Rings Online’s turn at the roadmap podium as this 17-year-old MMORPG announced its 2024 plans today. While perhaps not as content-packed as 2023’s, this roadmap points to a wide array of projects for the coming year.

In Q1 comes all of the instances and the 12-player raid that will form Corsairs of Umbar’s endgame. SSG is also teasing an “enhancement to the delving system” called Epic Malices.

The second quarter includes a new batch of “time-released quests,” followed by an unnamed additional hobby (we have a few ideas on this!) coming this summer. Also on tap for Q3 are the ability to choose a fourth crafting profession, updates to Elves’ visuals, and improvements to the VIP tier. A long-awaited “kinship refresh” is coming later in the year.

Finally, LOTRO teased a new expansion for this fall: “We will release a new expansion pack that takes us east of Umbar Baharbêl visiting four new zones, encountering a new culture, exploring the waste and a vast complex that serves as the staging ground for the instances and raid included with the expansion pack.”

Not mentioned in the roadmap is word of a new legendary server or 4K upgrades, both hot topics among the community.

Source: LOTRO
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