WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery moves into its second phase with Gnomeregan raid


It’s a little strange to think that WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery server is only just now moving into its second phase, but here we are. The experimental ruleset servers delivered its first post-launch update with more content and a level cap increase.

As players level up to 40, they’ll go on a world-wide scavenger hunt to find the latest batch of collectable runes, dungeon skill books, and special crafting recipes. At the new “endgame,” there’s a 10-player Gnomeregan raid to beat and a Blood Moon PvP event in Stranglethorn Vale.

With Phase Two, Blizzard is enacting a new policy to end GDKP runs, saying, “Given the experimental nature of Season of Discovery, we want to try things without this type of transaction taking place in this game mode.” The studio also triggered a 50% XP buff for any characters still not to level 25 as a catchup mechanism.

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