Diablo IV is bringing the ability to craft uber unique items on February 13


When is a Diablo IV item more unique than unique? When it’s uber unique, of course! This tier of item has been a farming target since the Season of Blood, but players have been reportedly frustrated by unwanted rolls of this loot. That situation should ideally improve in the OARPG’s February 13th patch, which will introduce uber unique item crafting.

The update will let players break down unwanted or duplicate uber unique items into a new resource known as resplendent sparks, five of which can then be used to create a wanted uber unique item at the Alchemist NPC, though its affixes will still be hidden in the related preview window. In addition, the patch will increase the drop chance for uber unique items outside of Uber Duriel encounters, which might make them less unique than usual but should help feed a specific item chase all the same.

The rest of the patch is mostly about fixing bugs related to accessibility features, the Season of the Construct, the Lunar Awakening event, and overall gameplay features. Players can look through the list in the patch notes, which aren’t uber unique but are pretty informative regardless.

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