Ultima Online plans a New Legacy beta by summer ahead of the launch this fall


So, where is the long-delayed Ultima Online New Legacy? We actually have something of an answer for you this time: Broadsword says it’s aiming for a beta by this very summer, with a plan to launch in September, just in time for the MMORPG’s 27th anniversary. That’s not a typo.

“We are working closely with our alpha testing team to bring a beta version of Ultima Online: New Legacy to the world by this summer,” producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong says in the game’s latest newsletter. “If you would like to participate in the beta, please keep an eye on UO.com to signup! Barring any unforeseen delays, our goal is to launch Ultima Online: New Legacy in September to celebrate the 27th Anniversary of Ultima Online! We cannot wait to share this exciting new world with you all!”

New Legacy, of course, is a new server ruleset aimed at tweaking and simplifying the game’s starting experience, rather than a pure classic server. Broadsword has been working on it since 2020.

In the short term, the team is working on publish 117, currently on the test server and targeting spring for launch. It’s primarily a PvP revamp, though Armstrong says the team considers the update a “solid starting point” for the PvP system. The new vet rewards on deck include a greenhouse and gardening shears that almost sound cool enough to get me back.

“We’ve also got an exciting year ahead for our production shards. Highlights include updates to PvP, new Veteran Rewards, updates to the Black Market, and our next live event: Shrouded Sails! PvP updates will be coming to TC1 soon, and it is imperative that those interested take part in the testing & feedback of those changes so we can effectively address any concerns.”

Source: Newsletter, patch notes
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