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Nexon announces Riders of Icarus, an aerial combat, action-adventure MMORPG

Nexon has just announced a new “free-to-play action-adventure MMORPG” Riders of Icarus, whose highlight is apparently “exhilarating aerial combat unlike anything ever seen before in the genre.”

“In Riders of Icarus, players will explore a vast, majestic and ever-expanding world where they can collect and train hundreds of different wild beasts, taming them to become rideable mounts with unique special abilities. As a legendary Rider, with renowned combat abilities, players will coordinate with other heroes both in the air and on the ground to engage in theatrical boss battles utilizing the game’s frenetic action-oriented melee combo system. With hundreds of ground and aerial mounts to collect, the sky is no longer the limit for the Riders of Icarus, who fight to protect mankind from an ancient invading evil.”

Nexon’s US branch says that a beta for players in North America and Mexico will run from January 28th to February 2nd, expanding “at a later date” for Oceania and Europe. Beta signups are available on the official site.

Source: Nexon press release, official site. With thanks to Feodor.


Leaderboard: What’s your opinion of Blade & Soul, one week in?

On Friday, we updated our beta impressions of Blade & Soul with fresh impressions after a week of play, and the underlying theme of both pieces was that the import is respectable but not revolutionary, which won’t surprise anyone who’s been watching the game overseas for its last several years.

Let’s see if our community can reach a similar consensus. What’s your opinion of Blade & Soul, one week in? Vote away in the poll below. You can vote for up to three options on this one!

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Get your time travel on with Dark Era

While time travel has certainly been done as part of MMO quests, could an entire game revolve around the sci-fi concept? Dark Era, a new title from Game 321, thinks it can indeed.

Launched this past week, Dark Era puts players in the role of Chrono adventurers who can hop through six time eras that span both eastern and western mythos. Stops include 1307 AD with King Arthur in Camelot, 1203 AD with Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, 629 AD in Emporer Li’s camp and the Tang Dynasty, 44 BC in the Roman Empire, 1174 AD in Ancient Egypt, and 1420 AD with Joan of Arc in France. The game offers three classes and can be played through a browser or a client.

Check out the trailer after the break and see if this could be a quirky gaming possibility for your weekend!

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Overpower melds fantasy arena matches with RPG progression

Is your MMO a little on the slow side? Need a jolt of excitement and danger to go with your love of RPG progression? Then you might harken to the call of Overpower, a new fantasy shooter that’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $22,000.

Overpower describes itself as being inspired by MOBA combat, but really it’s more like fast-paced PvP arena matches with classes, gear, and leveling. It was made by a two-person studio, Hydrant Games, over the past couple of years and currently includes four classes and nine maps. The game has a colorful, cartoony style with classic RPG roles that are instantly identifiable (there are plans for many more as well).

Overpower is currently looking to get on Steam Greenlight so that it can start offering its beta to the community. If all goes well, Overpower will launch in May 2016. You can watch its trailer and get a taste of its combat after the jump.

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The Black Death takes survival games to a grim era

Survival games aren’t always the cheeriest of places (after all, you have to have something to survive against), but a new game might make other titles seem like a trip to the local candy, puppies, and fireworks store.

The Black Death plops players in the role of a medieval commoner who must not only make a living somehow but do so amidst one of the worst pandemics that history has ever seen. Players can choose from one of 10 classes, explore a period Western Europe, buy property, and compete against the wildlife, fellow villagers, and the infected (which look to be more like zombies here). Why not be a Minstrel who’s cheering up those sore-ridden souls with a few top 40 hits?

Early access for The Black Death will begin in March on Steam. You can check out its teaser trailer after the jump.

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Launch impressions of Blade & Soul: Combat, story, questing, and flow

Every time I play Blade & Soul, I’m really playing a different game, which I dub Why Don’t I Like You More? The object of that game is to figure out why you like all of the pieces of something while not liking the thing in and of itself, like figuring out why you don’t like spaghetti but do love pizza when they both share the same overall ingredients. (For the record, it comes down to pasta-based trauma when I was younger. I wish I were kidding.)

Logging into Blade & Soul‘s launch version kept prompting new rounds of this game in my head, without any definitive answers. I could point to niggling issues like the lack of a borderless windowed mode or weirdness with the game’s subscription time, but those were just issues, not enough to really reduce or remove my enjoyment of the game. Even the server queues shouldn’t have done that. So keep in mind as I present my thoughts that all of this is coming from someone who really wants to like this game quite a bit.

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City of Steam is shuttering on January 31st

In the heady days of yesteryear, we believed that removing the need to download a client would be the key to unlocking more people who wanted to jump on the MMO bandwagon. This was one of the major selling points of City of Steam when the game first launched as a browser-based title. Unfortunately, today we come not to praise the game’s prescient structure but to lament its imminent shutdown, with the game servers going offline on January 31st.

The developers cite several issues that ultimately led to the game’s shutdown, chief among them being the fact that Unity is increasingly not supported properly in browsers. The team isn’t fading quietly into the night, with a new title in development; Heroes of Skyrealm is set in the same universe and hopes to use the lessons learned over the years with City of Steam. Our condolences to the fans losing a favorite game, just the same.


Here’s how Hero’s Song’s gods and races work according to Smed

How do gods work in Hero’s Song? What races can you play? John Smedley’s just posted a new and lengthy explanation on both to Reddit. In his upcoming OARPG, the gods are “the core of the game,” he says.

You choose which ones you want to be bound to your world (5 total) from 15 different Gods at the start (if you Ascend your character becomes a God and can then be used). You get the choice to pick the 5 Gods, one of which has to be assigned to be the God of Shadows. These choices dramatically impact how the world is formed physically. The Gods have attributes that determine how they impact world creation specifically. For example, if you choose Nae, the Goddess of the Seas – and you decide to up her impact in the world (through UI choices during world creation) you’re going to get a world with a lot more water and islands. If you choose to have Cor, The Mad Smith, God of the Roads and patron of the Dwarves you’re going to get a lot more mountains. The same is true of Silea, the Goddess of the Wild. She happens to be the patron of the 3 different Elvish factions in the game (The High Elves, the Elathi and the Ashen Elves who had their home destroyed by the Dwarves when the Dwarves built the Great Forges. The Gods each have their own attributes which determine how they impact the world, but the real effect is felt with the combination. The Gods were the children of the Lonely God who created all, and their impact cannot be understated.

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Paladins aims for more MOBA-like gameplay, less customisation

When Hi-Rez Studios first revealed its upcoming online shooter Paladins, people immediately started comparing it to Overwatch and the slew of MOBAs on the market today. Paladins definitely seems to derive many of its core ideas from MOBAs, with team-based objectives and iconic characters with abilities that unlock and improve over the course of a match. The main difference is that players in Paladins put together decks of power-up cards that unlock throughout each match rather than just levelling up their character’s core abilities.

In a new interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, developers revealed that the original design of the game was actually more like Team Fortress 2 or Global Agenda, with relatively few character classes but plenty of customisation via the card system. Feedback from testers has since shown that gamers much prefer a MOBA-style system with a larger number of characters that each has its own iconic identity and fills a particular role and gameplay style.

Developers now plan to limit the amount of customisation that’s possible using the card system so that each character’s playstyle is more consistent and predictable and wacky builds are less feasible. “The element of understanding the enemy and their capabilities is important to flag up here,” CEO Erez Goren told RPS, later adding that “People don’t seem to appreciate the variation on a character as much as they do having a new character that does things that particular way.” Paladins is currently in closed beta and is scheduled for release at some point during this year.


Sacrament splits its game world up by tiers, introduces the Sniper

The “jack of all trades” indie MMO Sacrament is still in its design docs stage, occasionally releasing batches of information and concept art to whet fans’ appetites for this title.

This month’s focus is on explaining how the world is structured. Since Sacrament is forging ahead without player levels, the designers have decided to split the game world up into 20 tiers that will represent a progression of skill and grouping (from solo to 12-player groups). The devs keep hammering home the point that Sacrament is difficult: world bosses will be tough to lure out and engage, and instances will change every time a party enters one to keep players on their toes.

The team also released some art and details of a new class, the Sniper. The Sniper is a type of Rogue that uses a long-barrel rifle touched with a hint of deadly magic to do damage from maximum range. Among its skills include a ghilie camo suit and the ability to be extracted when in danger.

Source: Open world conceptConcept art. Thanks to Aggelos for the tip!


Smed’s OARPG Hero’s Song adds $15 Kickstarter pledge tier

Were you a little puzzled by the fact that the Kickstarter for Smed’s OARPG Hero’s Song was offering a $25 base pledge when the game will be only $20 at launch? Well, you weren’t alone, and Pixelmage is addressing it today.

“We’re also listening carefully to feedback from our backers, and so we’ve added a $15 tier that gets you the retail copy of the game (Delivered through Steam) for less than the retail price. We understand a lot of people felt like this kind of tier should be there, so we’ve added it. This tier doesn’t get into the beta early, but it does give you a $5 discount.”

The game has pulled in almost $60,000 of its $800,000 goal so far. You can get caught up on the game with yesterday’s interviews with John Smedley and Patrick Rothfuss.

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Check out post-apoc sci-fi MMORPG Trinium Wars’ reveal trailer

Sci-fi and fantasy post-apoc fans are in for a treat today as Hanmaru Soft and InselGames have formally announced Trinium Wars for PC. Touting ex-SEGA and ex-Blizzard artist Jang Wook Lee’s involvement, the MMORPG has launched its Steam’s early access program page today and will launch for play on February 17th.

Trinium Wars is a post-apocalyptic Sci Fi MMORPG set in the remains of Planet Earth after World War III. Join the fight for the rarest substance in the universe: Trinium. Support the Human forces to reconquer their home planet, which they had to leave after the devastating consequences of World War III, or join forces with the alien Narc, who found Earth in the search for a new home. Varied quests will lead you through the story of Trinium Wars. Special instance missions allow you to transform into tanks or Robots. As high level content up to 1000 players can fight at the same time in the “Resource War” mode, building up camps and mining precious Trinium. In addition to PvE gameplay and the PvP focused “Resource War,” Trinium Wars offers an additional MOBA themed, arena-style PVP mode while the base-building mode will allow for more tactical choices and the power to craft new equipment, potions and even skills.

We last heard from Lee in 2011, when as head of Nitrozen he was pitching Living After War (L.A.W.), a post-apoc MMO with plenty of similarities to the new game. L.A.W. went into closed beta in 2012 and sunsetted on the Alaplaya platform.

The press release further promises auction hall trading, a customizable UI, base construction, and 1000-player faction-based PvP. Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

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