Astellia Online formally launches tomorrow night – here’s what to expect


Astellia Online’s big day is almost here: After a week of staggered headstart access for pre-order players, Barunson’s MMORPG will officially launch Saturday the 28th – tomorrow night – at 8 p.m. EDT for base game buyers and those folks who just want to sub at the $10 rate to see what they think first. Apparently, the headstart was meant to conclude today but has been extended into the launch, so preorder folks won’t have any offline time tonight, just note that preorders are coming down soon.

The studio’s released a highlight reel from closed beta as well as begun teasing Halloween events and upcoming content.

“Astellia is starting off the festivities with a bang this year! Beginning in October and running through December, players will be able to participate in awesome in-game seasonal themed events. Featuring new quests, rewards, costumes and more. Between Legendary Dungeons, the open world battleground of Avalon, and the addition of two new powerful Astels. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy as we continue to bring online new and exciting content.”

We delivered our impressions of the launched version of the game yesterday; Eliot came away from it once again with pleasant affection, calling it “solidly average.” That’s not meant to be a slam, either.

“Astellia Online scratches a particular itch that doesn’t get scratched all that often in MMORPGs of late. Yes, it definitely has some flaws, and no, it’s not a singular triumph. But at the same time, it’s an MMO that appears to have had actual thought and care put into it. The addition of new gender options, the system changes for the North American release, the little touches here and there… this isn’t a game that was shuffled out the door by a studio that has dozens of other temports to move through this year, even if it also wasn’t another large-budget triple-A release. That earns the game more than a small bit of affection for me. It’s just nice to play that. There has to be space in the world for that sort of thing, for games that you might not want as a main title but at least make you feel like the time and money spent on them were not wasted. Vacations, or if you’d prefer, day trips out into the world.”

We also took a peek last weekend on stream, for those who just want to see it in person before shelling out:

Here’s a peek at all our coverage to date!

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Got a few chars to 20, it’s a button mash MMORPG, with poor optimization. I’d give it 6 months before it’s FTP. It doesn’t feel that polished at all.

Castagere Shaikura

Maybe I’ll try it when its f2p.

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I played the beta a bit, which had some rough edges, a beta, duh. I’ll probably play the release, but not at launch. I’d rather wait a week or two for things to settle down some. I really liked the look of the game and the music. Oh that music! I often played the Astellia YouTube ads all the way through, just for that music! And I think that the coverage of the game here on MOP was great, so I know what I’m getting into.

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Here’s a peek at all our coverage to date!
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Hikari Kenzaki

It’s relevant. ArcheAge Unchained was originally going to be released the same week. It’s in the article.


You sure I can’t roll one of those pictured for the header? :(


What’s Astellia? How does Astellia Offline look like? Does it even exist?

Authors of the game should write a book “How to fail marketing 101, starting from your product’s title”. It should be noted how Ultima Online was 8th game in the series, Warhammer Online had a whole publisher / table-top game company behind it (+ some great offline games), Lord of the Rings Online had a bunch of blockbuster movies – and so on. Shouldn’t just come out with “RandomLetters Online” title for the first (known) game in the series.


If that’s how you feel, it’s probably best for your blood pressure to stay far, far away from the google play store where everybody has at least one game genre as part of their title.
(The game is just called Astellia though, at least if you go by desktop shortcut, the launcher or the ads on this very site)