Astellia Online is launching into its first headstart tonight – are you playing?


If you picked up the Legendary Pack for Astellia Online, then launch day is tonight for you, as the headstart begins at 8 p.m. EDT. Owners of other packs will be trickling in over the course of the week, with Platinum packs on the 23rd, Gold packs on the 26th, and everyone else on the 27th. As we’ve noted, the game is buy-to-play, though lookie-loos may want to try the the optional $10 subscription for a month starting next week instead. Barunson’s posted the official schedule, along with the pre-order claim instructions, on the official site to keep everyone in the loop.

Astellia is a Korean import that’s received large updates to accommodate the western market, including the un-gender-locking of its characters and a de-pay-to-win process in the cash shop. MOP’s Eliot penned impressions during the closed beta, finding it decent enough for folks who are into Korean MMOs. “It sure as heck isn’t the sort of legendary disaster common to recent releases, and it arguably reaches the point of being outright fun,” he wrote. “But for a new MMO you could do a lot worse, and I had fun playing it. I expect to have more fun when it launches. It has issues, but it seems to have an eye toward fixing those issues with an understanding of why they’re issues.”

You can get caught up on all our coverage of Astellia since its time as Nexon’s Korea-only darling right here – in addition to our impressions of the beta, we conducted several interviews and checked out the game’s music.

Massively OP’s MJ will be courageously attempting to stream the headstart tonight at 8 p.m. on OPTV; if all goes well with the launch, you can watch along!

Source: Twitter
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