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Official Site: Black Desert (EN), Black Desert (KR)
Studio: Pearl Abyss/Daum Games
Launch Date: March 3, 2016
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop) in the West (F2P elsewhere)
Platform: PC

This Russian Black Desert trailer is worryingly appealing

I should have learned my lesson after the debacle that was ArcheAge, but a part of me is still somewhat excited to play the western version of Black Desert. Trailers like the new one released in Russia certainly don’t help, since they show off a considerable amount of eye candy and eye-popping open world vistas, all while omitting the grind, the ganks, and the godawful cash shop, to name just three unpleasant realities of free-to-play imports.

For now, though, ignorance is bliss because it is an awesome trailer! You can view it after the break.

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Black Desert’s western community manager is interviewed, doesn’t say much

Are you interested in Black Desert? If so, a new interview with the game’s western community manager might be worth a read. Or it might not be, if you want anything beyond general PR-speak.

In any event, the piece confirms that an English version of the fantasy sandbox will be playable before the end of 2015, and it also says that the dev team has just opened its European office. Predictably, community manager “Oli” dodges a question about the changes from the game’s Korean version to its English version. He does say that the team wants to “avoid at all cost the bad impression left by other Korean game companies that bring their games to the west with quality standards that don’t match the expectations of US/EU players.”


Black Desert releases the Kunoichi class

If you’re a fan of sneaking past enemies before exploding out of stealth with throat-stabbing fervor, you might be the ideal player for Black Desert‘s newest class, the Kunoichi. The class was held back slightly from the game’s last patch, but players can now make a new lady ninja and have her do whatever a lady ninja does, which is mostly the whole sneak-and-stab thing.

Developer Pearl Abyss has cautioned players that the class is meant for the most experienced players capable of juggling several skills to both deal and avoid damage. You can see the class in action in the trailer just below; whether or not the class will be available in the localized version that’s still coming remains to be seen.

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Black Desert publisher opens European office in Amsterdam

So when does the rest of the world get to try out Black Desert? We don’t know. But that day seems to be getting closer, as the game’s publisher Daum has just opened its new office in Amsterdam. No specific announcements have been made about how quickly we’ll go from the new office to localization, but you don’t open an office in Amsterdam just because you want an excuse to take a trip there.

Black Desert released in South Korea on July 14th of this year; while no specific testing or localization dates have been announced, the game has already seen a major update to its live version.

Source: Fan site; thanks to BlackParrot89 for the tip!


Videos offer impressions of Black Desert’s new Valencia region

While fans in the North American market can’t jump in check out Black Desert’s latest update (the game needs to launch here first!), they can experience it vicariously though videos thanks to  Introduced last week, the update added a new region called Valencia, a beautiful yet deadly desert that will actually strip your character of health during the heat of the day and freeze you to death during the night. However, besides admiration at the beauty, Steparu’s impressions also include disappointment at a lack of world bosses, group or party content, and a delayed new job as well as concerns over the direction of the cash shop. Explore a bit of the region and experience questing in the videos below, then catch a city tour and more at

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MMO Burnout: Why I want an Assassin’s Creed MMO

I play a fair amount of single-player stuff when I’m not playing MMOs, and at the risk of outing myself as one of those infernal dudebros, I love the Assassin’s Creed franchise. And I do mean love. I’ve got an Altair poster in my office and an Ezio action figure on my desk. I even own all of the series’ portable and mobile games, the latter of which is firmly against my religion.

I know that Unity had more than its share of technical issues, and I know that Ubisoft is no one’s favorite thanks to annualization and its Uplay DRM. But I can’t help it. Assassin’s Creed kicks holy ass and I want an Assassin’s Creed MMO.

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Black Desert gets a major update on July 23rd

Would you like to have a large patch to the nascent Black Desert? “No,” you said, “I’d like to have an idea about when and if it’s coming out in the US.” Well, the large patch is what you’re getting, complete with trailers helpfully provided by the fine folks at Steparu. And it actually adds the desert, which you think would be one of the first things you put into a game with deserts right in the title.

The new region in the game will include several new things for players to see and do, along with a new female ninja character for players to use. Players in Korea (or muddling through the untranslated game) are hoping this update will contain some group content and PvE activities, things the game is currently light on. You can check out the trailer just below.

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Betawatch: July 10th, 2015

Star Citizen managed to seize everyone’s attention this week. Was it the opening of a new office for the game’s development studio? The latest update from the studio in the wake of delay announcements? Or was it the fact that there’s no way to combine the terms “Derek Smart” and “Star Citizen” in a topic without people paying attention? The world may never know, but my money’s on the last point.

It was a quiet week for betas otherwise, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened. Examples? Well…

And, you know, there’s a whole list of game in testing past the break down there. See something missing or with an inaccurate status? Let us know, dear readers! That’s what the comments are for.

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Black Desert video review rips MMO beta as a ‘shallow game’

When it comes to MMO betas, don’t you usually want to cut through the hype and hysteria to get at the truth of whether or not the game is, y’know, good? YouTuber KineticGTR sought to do just that in his sojourns in Black Desert’s Korean beta test, and while he was initially excited about the game, after he spent some time playing, his opinion soured on it.

“I’m sorry to report that things are not as amazing as they seem in currently in the game,” the author said. “It is what it is: a very pretty but shallow game.”

In the review, KineticGTR concedes Black Desert is “stunning” and “charming,” with a strong combat system. However, he docks the game for lacking robust sandbox features and for being far too easy.

You can watch the full 25-minute review of Black Desert’s beta after the break.

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Betawatch: July 3rd, 2015

I freely admit that I never actually played Glitch, but I was glad it existed and sad at the people who never even had the chance to play it. So it does my heart good to see that Eleven is rallying on full steam ahead to produce a playable version of the game for everyone. You guys keep doing your thing.

Meanwhile, there were no other beta things happening, and by “no other beta things” I mean “several other beta things.”

We also have a full list of games past the break, and of course, we’d love to know if there’s a game on that list which shouldn’t be or one that jumped statuses without telling us. Games are sneaky, sneaky things.

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Check out all of Black Desert’s costumes

If you’re like me, then one of the first questions you have for any new MMO isn’t what classes or systems it offers but how good you can look while playing it. Hey, fashion and style matters to a lot of players, which is why Steparu has put together an exhaustive 10-part video series covering all of the outfits that are currently in Black Desert.

Steparu notes that in the current version of the game, all of these costumes have to be purchased through the cash shop (although they can be sold to other players through the auction house). Outfits are also bound to characters when applied and provide additional stat bonuses.

If you have a good chunk of time, you can check out all of the outfit previews after the jump!

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Here are a whole bunch of Black Desert gameplay vids with an English patch

Reddit user asciisyaez has posted a plethora of Black Desert gameplay videos. The footage was captured on the fantasy sandbox’s Korean beta servers, but it makes use of an English translation patch, which comes in handy if you’d like to examine the game’s character creation screens or portions of the interface in detail.

Videos include Witch, Valkyrie, Ranger, and Sorcerer gameplay, as well as a look at creating a Blader. You can click past the cut to see 14 minutes worth of Witch gameplay.

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Betawatch: June 12th, 2015

Could it be? Is Skyforge going to release soon, or go into an open beta which is indistinguishable from release? It certainly seems like it, as the title is hosting its last closed beta week on June 24th. The time approaches! But, of course, there were other bits of beta news this week besides that.

As always, we’ve got more games on the list below. Did a game change status? Did we miss something? Let us know down in the comments, like always.

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