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Gloria Victis’ ‘massive UI overhaul’ is nearing completion

Fantasy PvP sandbox Gloria Victis is nearing completion on its "massive UI overhaul." A new website update says that final tests have been ongoing...

All NPCs are lootable now in Gloria Victis

NPCs, your day of reckoning has come. You thought that your meager possessions were safe from the rampaging player army in Gloria Victis, but...

Gloria Victis patches in headshots

Just a week after adding combat and fortress improvements into its pre-alpha, Gloria Victis is back with another patch that should make fighting even...

Gloria Victis patches for kicks

The latest pre-alpha build of Gloria Victis went live this past week, and it's all about the most deadly attack of them all: kicking. Scoff...

Gloria Victis name drops SWG for crafting inspiration

Gloria Victis developers have been working on a "massive gameplay overhaul" for a few weeks now, and today's website update says that alpha players...

Gloria Victis is now twice as large

Gloria Victis has updated and now boasts a game world that's twice as large as before, including new locations to capture and upgrade. The...

Gloria Victis is doubling its world size, selling naming rights

Fantasy sandbox Gloria Victis aims to double its world size with its next patch. It's scheduled to hit the pre-alpha server sometime in the...

Gloria Victis fights with its animation system, emerges victorious

Gloria Victis pre-alpha version 0.3 is live, and apparently it took some doing, since the changelog post describes a "long fight with the animations...

Gloria Victis is getting building and skill system updates

The Gloria Victis dev team has been working on "two massive features" in recent weeks, according to a post that appeared on the fantasy...

Gloria Victis adds a PvP arena and an attack power bar

Gloria Victis has updated with a new PvP arena and an attacks power bar. The latter allows players to control the strength of their...

Gloria Victis delivers whopper of an alpha update

It may just be one of Gloria Victis' biggest updates yet. The pre-alpha fantasy sandbox patched in several new and improved systems to the game,...

Gloria Victis inviteth thee to dump burning oil on the heads of thine enemies

I can't imagine anything more disheartening than going over to a friend's house, knocking on his door, and being coated by burning pitch as...
Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis adds SpeedTree 5, a first person view, and more

Gloria Victis has published its version 0.2 pre-alpha changelog. The dev team says that this build is the first public version of the fantasy...
Make My MMO

Make My MMO: May 16, 2015

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, Gloria Victis developer Black Eye Games let us know that it's in "the home stretch" in terms of...

Gloria Victis prepares to pull the trigger on Unity 5

Those anticipating Gloria Victis' glorious transformation into the new Unity 5 game engine won't have long to wait at all. Black Eye Games said...

Gloria Victis upgrades to Unity 5 engine

Forget what you think you know of Gloria Victis' looks, as the devs announced that they've switched up the game engine to Unity 5....