Gloria Victis outlines animation, character, rep, and settlement plans for November

There is no 'enough.'

This week’s Gloria Victis patch tweaks crafting material merchants, server performance, combat, and the interface, but the more intriguing announcement from Black Eye Games is about what it’s working on for the rest of the month.

For starters, all that work on the animation system has required a retooling of the player character model too. “Our artists are currently adding more details and customization options and they will work on playable female characters next,” says the studio. “Due to rework of the character’s model also we had to improve character creation system. It will come with questions a player will have to answer, therefore writing personal story of their avatar. Answers will also have an impact on the starting archetype.”

Black Eye also promises an expansion of the reputation formula via a new Glory ranking system, adjustments for the Midlander town of Dunfen, new animation recording (the older video showcasing that is below), and the overhaul of player-run settlments.

“Some of our programmers are reworking the fortifications system so the design team will soon be able to rework and enlarge player-controlled towns and castles. Thanks to this we will also be able to easily add new settlements, including impressive, player-built town in the Northern part of the Stoneholm Island.”

Source: Steam