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The MOP Up: Aion’s cherry blossoms signal the arrival of spring

The Cherry Blossom Festival is in full bloom over at Aion Europe, with this spring festival offering a hero trial, a "topsy-turvy" laboratory, a...

One Shots: Event horizon ahoy!

Just a word of neighborly advice, but if you ever find yourself this near to a black hole, you might as well take screenshots...

Not So Massively: SMITE’s 6.1 update, RUST minicopters, World War Z’s launch date, and Battlerite’s F2P trailer

The Not So Massively games are piling up, so let's knock 'em out real quick here with the return of our old NSM roundup,...

Rust’s latest update adds hot air balloons, surface-to-air missiles

Have you ever been running through the wilderness, trying desperately to fend for your life, and thought to yourself that it sure would be...

Rust’s latest update adds in-game cargo ship event, introduces new gun and gear

The latest update to Facepunch Studios's free-for-all survival game Rust introduced the new cargo ship event, adds a new gun and new gear, and...

Neverwinter’s Heart of Fire includes a bank heist skirmish, but you’re the guard, not the thief

When Neverwinter's Heart of Fire module launches on November 6th, it'll bring with it one of my favorite types of content: a straight-up bank...

Fallout 76 doesn’t want to be labeled as ‘survival,’ shows off emote wheel

What is Fallout 76? Even Bethesda doesn't seem to have a clear grasp on terminology to label it, avoiding both the MMO and survival...

More rumors: Fallout 76 is a co-op game coming in August

While we will have to wait for the June 10th Bethesda E3 showcase for the full scoop on Fallout 76, the rumormill is churning...

Lord of the Rings Online 22.2 update is live with sweeping class balance changes, wearable instruments, and new story quests

It's release day for Lord of the Rings Online. Update 22.2 is the big ol' class balance patch that everyone's been fussing about for...

Massively Overthinking: Is battle royale a fad?

This week in Massively Overthinking, I want to talk about something out on the fringes of our genre: battle royale games. We've been watching...

The MOP Up: Black Desert’s Ninja arrives in Southeast Asia (February 11, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...
Sure, who cares.

Survival sandbox Rust leaves early access on February 8

Remember Rust? It was a survival sandbox and - wait, no, this one was actually one of the first ones! It made people angry...

Massively Overthinking: The state of early access, alpha, and beta ‘testing’ in the MMO genre

I remember years ago when then-Massively-columnist Rubi Bayer let loose with a blistering rant on the state of faux beta MMOs. She helmed Betawatch...

Massively Overthinking: Female characters and gender-locked classes in MMOs

One of the reasons I gravitated to and stick by the MMORPG genre in spite of its many ups and downs (oh, so many...

Survival sandbox Rust has refunded $4.38M to players so far

Have you ever wondered how many copies of any particular game players return for refunds on Steam? In the case of the popular survival...

The Survivalist: Massively OP’s guide to multiplayer survival sandboxes

Welcome to The Survivalist! Ya'll might have noticed that I have gravitated a bit from my happy home of deep, immersive virtual worlds (possible...

A ‘new chapter’ is coming next year for Worlds Adrift

Mark their words: 2017 is due to be a major year for Worlds Adrift. Now that the alpha NDA is lifted, the ball is...

RUST dev after three years of early access: ‘If you’re bored of the game then just stop playing it’

While RUST has amused us plenty this year, thanks to the character gender via Steam ID thing and the hobo simulator (and don't forget penis...

Star Citizen on the Homestead demo and designing a ship that’s ‘dying over time’

Star Citizen's Around the Verse is back this week with a peek into what the UK team is working on: the notorious Polaris, the...

RUST’s player-made hobo simulator is as hardcore as they come

For some, one of the factors that keeps players returning to multiplayer sandboxes is the ability to mod the game and make up their...