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Wow. Such test. Very open.

Tree of Savior kicks off open beta in Korea on December 17th

Let's say you have a friend named Trab. You think that Trab would really like Tree of Savior, but he won't listen to...
This game involves a lot more anime boobs than the games it's based upon.

Civilization Online offers two open beta trailers

The open beta for Civilization Online is starting on December 2nd in South Korea. Is it ever starting in the US? We still...
But, see, now I want to play elephant guy.

Korean edition of Blade & Soul gearing up for a new class and more story

Are you worried about the health of Blade & Soul? With any import title, it's easy to wonder if the game is going...
I suppose the alternative of saying that this was a poor decision wouldn't have worked.

Asta’s producers have hopes that the game will find its audience in the west

The situation with Asta is an unusual one - it's an import, but it certainly failed to find its audience within its native...
There's really only one mode, when you get down to it.

Final Fantasy XIV launches in South Korea to solid internet cafe stats

Final Fantasy XIV's launch in South Korea happened too recently to make any declarations about its long-term fate. What can be said with...
It was kind of mostly satisfying at the time, anyway.

Final Fantasy XIV launches in Korea on August 14th

Whether you're playing Final Fantasy XIV in Europe, the US, or Japan, there are no delays for content. Everything comes out at the...

Watch MapleStory 2’s Korean launch preparations

MapleStory 2 is a week away from its July 7th launch in South Korea, and Nexon is going nuts with the...
Well, who doesn't appreciate the welcome?

MapleStory 2 might be launching on July 2nd

With the conclusion of its beta testing periods, everyone is wondering when MapleStory 2 is actually going to launch in its native South...
Why do you build me up, Buttercup, baby, just to let me down and mess me around?

Project HON is cancelled by NCsoft

Remember Project HON? It was a giant robot combat game in the Unreal 4 engine, and every trailer released for it looked stompy...

NCsoft buys Netmarble stock to block hostile takeover by Nexon

How do you prevent a hostile takeover? In NCsoft's case, you buy something. Specifically, you buy a large portion of shares from...