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Snow is also an s-word.

Swords of Legends Online kicks off Shenzhou’s Winter Festival for everyone

Forget all that nonsense about the spirit of giving or togetherness, the real spirit of Christmas is hopping through a snow maze as a snowman....

Swords of Legends Online opens up the Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace raid

You'd think that the worst thing you would experience from someplace called the Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace is seeing extremely nice flowers...

End-of-Year Eleven: The biggest MMO surprises of 2021

Why do I love covering MMORPG news year in and year out? If I'm honest about it, I'm usually in this for the surprises....
Welcome to This Old Raid.

Swords of Legends Online patches in the Sparkwood Gardens raid

It's time for the first raid of Swords of Legends Online's patch 1.1, and that means Sparkwood Gardens is welcoming all and sundry to...
Swingy and choppy.

Swords of Legends Online’s Forbidden Court update brings new raid and PvP content today

Gameforge has been making a whole lot of noise regarding the next major content patch arriving to Swords of Legends Online, and that noise...

Swords of Legends Online highlights new PvP battlegrounds coming with Forbidden Court update

Ready to scrap in Swords of Legends Online? You'd better be because there's going to be some fresh PvP content coming in the Forbidden...

Swords of Legends Online details adjustments coming to in-game currencies with next week’s update

Your in-game wallet in Swords of Legends Online is going to feel a bit lighter once the Forbidden Court update arrives. That's not because...

Swords of Legends Online previews the Sparkwood Gardens raid launching later this month

The Swords of Legends Online community has been hungry for more endgame content, and later this month, that's exactly what it's getting. This morning,...
Let's effin go

The Daily Grind: Which new MMO from 2021 do you have the highest hopes for?

This year has been almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to new MMOs launching with a pretty sizable push. We saw Crowfall...

Swords of Legends Online carves out a pumpkin-themed hide-and-seek event for Halloween

We're coming up on Halloween, and friends, if you don't have your MMO Halloween event out yet, this is it - what are you...

Elyon opens up a third European server as it fights for prominence

While Steam Charts doesn't give us a complete overview of MMO populations, its ubiquitous presence helps to provide a strong indication of how games...

Swords of Legends Online adds two new extreme raids this week, plans to open two more next week

The most EXTREME of challenges awaits in Swords of Legends Online as the game's upcoming patch is opening up some stern new endgame challenges...

Swords of Legends Online offers a moon-filled festival for players to enjoy

We're going to go ahead and make a bold statement: The moon is the prettiest lifeless space rock locked in perpetual orbit around our...

Swords of Legends Online brings extreme dungeons, a hard mode raid, and a Moon Festival tomorrow

The next update arriving to Swords of Legends Online tomorrow, September 16th, could easily be described as having two halves. On the one side,...

Swords of Legends Online begins second battlepass season, posts fall roadmap, clarifies tester search

As promised, Gameforge has released the fall roadmap for Swords of Legends Online: We're looking at more dungeons in September, more raids and Halloween...

Swords of Legends Online drops two more raids tomorrow, teases fall roadmap

We hope you like raids because Swords of Legends Online has kind of a lot of them. Since its launch, it's pushed out three...

One Shots: Catniss Everkeen

"The true endgame of FFXIV is fashion, but in the process of documenting my many many glamours sometimes I get a cool action shot,"...

Swords of Legends Online asks you to become an unpaid QA tester

It's so hard not to throw shade at MMO studios that try to outsource paid positions to players -- or even worse, to charge...

Swords of Legends Online is launching two new easy- and normal-mode raids tomorrow

Swords of Legends Online is due for a big patch tomorrow that ought to make raiders happy. The patch notes introduce the Waves in...

One Shots: Eye love you

While giant floating eyeballs always seem imposing, I can't help but feel bad about their life situation. Eyes are vulnerable enough when they're tucked...