Swords of Legends Online begins second battlepass season, posts fall roadmap, clarifies tester search


As promised, Gameforge has released the fall roadmap for Swords of Legends Online: We’re looking at more dungeons in September, more raids and Halloween events in October, more raids and PvP upgrades in November, holiday events and “undisclosed content” in December, and a big question mark for 2022, though you can probably assume it involves more raids. September’s first patch, we note, arrives today.

The studio has also given a preview of its second cosmetic battlepass season, which kicks off tomorrow.

“Season 2 will be less thematically tied together (e.g. Summer themed), but still, feature a handful of new and exciting shinies. Personal highlights are the Mechanical Warrior’s Arm, a big armored limb floating over your shoulder, as well as Little Emberjaw, an adorable cat pet. …arm-ored, hehe. The pass will be priced at 1900 Crimson Coins again and follow the same ’10 tokens a day, 320 points, 6 weeks’ system that the last one did. There’ll also be another free track for everyone, which earns you materials and equipment pieces if you complete the tasks.”

The dev missive to the players has plenty more, including acknowledgement of the raid droprate situation, the stats of translation polishing, and that dust-up over Gameforge’s request for unpaid volunteers to join its testing crew under NDA. The company says it believes it did not properly communicate that it is not looking for professional QA to work full-time unpaid but rather for interested players to provide test feedback part-time unpaid. We leave it to the reader to sort out those functional differences.

Source: Press release, official site. Cheers, George and Ozzie.

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okay, i need that cat pet


We leave it to the reader to sort out those functional differences.

I’d imagine the same sort of differences you see when comparing your average beta tester, average PTR player, or average person involved in things like LOTRO’s Palantir Preview Program, against an actual paid employee working 40+ (more likely to be in that plus category, sadly) hours a week who has performance metrics they typically have to meet.

That is to say, significantly less hours and a lot less pressure, with little to no consequences for not being able to put in the time after initially participating (likely the main consequence would be that you’d be rejected if you applied again, and that’s it).