Project Dogmat aims to fill the World of Darkness void

Are you afraid? You should be, according to the website for Project Dogmat, which bills itself as a roleplay-friendly MMORPG with a "modern...

Project Gorgon wraps up Kickstarter campaign with over $74K

It asked players for $20,000 to add better art and additional features, but what Project Gorgon ended up with was an impressive...

Allods Online update has werewolves and vampires living together, mass hysteria

Have the itch to get out and explore some unclaimed territory? Allods Online players will get to do just that with the advent...

EVE Evolved: CCP can’t just focus on EVE Online any more

The recent announcement of arcade shooter EVE: Gunjack for the Samsung Gear VR has prompted some pretty interesting negative responses from gamers...

The Stream Team: Cavorting through The Secret World’s The Cost of Magic mission

You asked for it, and now you're going to get it: MassivelyOP's MJ is tackling The Cost of Magic sabotage mission in The...

RuneFest tickets now on sale for real money or in-game bonds

RuneScape's annual convention, RuneFest, is coming this fall to London. And while October 3rd is a ways away, you can purchase...

One Shots: Bagpipes in the woods

I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of bagpipe music, although I do harbor a certain fascination for any musical instrument that looks...

DarkEden 2 returns to the vampire war

While you may not have heard of DarkEden, it's actually one of the older continuously running graphical MMORPGs on the market, having started...
Can't imagine why.

CCP financials for 2014 continue their downward slide

It's become a cottage industry for EVE Online fans to try to figure out whether CCP Games is doing well or not. Gone are...
Which one of you is the Juno Reactor and which one is the Don Davis?

Massively Overthinking: When IPs are wasted on mediocre MMOs

This week's Massively Overthinking question comes to us from Kickstarter donor Aldranis, whose query neatly dovetails with the IP-related question we answered...
oh dear

Forsaken World Mobile will include five classes

When it launches, Forsaken World Mobile will come out of the gate strong with five classes from which to choose. According to the...