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Official Site: The Division
Studio: Ubisoft
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic MMOTPS
Business Model: B2P (DLC)
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands launches next week

If you’re a fan of The Division and Ubisoft, you’ve probably already got your eye on Ghost Recon Wildlands, yet another entry in the ubiquitous Tom Clancy franchise. It’s been labeled a tactical shooter, but gamers comfortable with calling games like Destiny MMOs will be at home in four-man multiplayer mode, particularly given that it features one of the studio’s biggest open worlds ever, thanks to the gorgeous deserts of Bolivia being used as backdrop.

The game is launching for PC, PS4, and Xbox One next week on March 7th, though the game’s open beta just closed down, hence the buzz (which is mostly positive, mind you, though folks are side-eyeing performance on console). Are you giving it a go?

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The Division launches free trial with Last Stand DLC

Time to get over your apprehension about dropping money on The Division to see what this apocalyptic shooter is all about. With today’s Last Stand DLC pack, Ubisoft is instituting a free trial for anyone curious about the title.

The trial allows you to do anything in the game, but there are a couple of limits: You can’t go higher than level 8, and you can’t play longer than six hours. Progress in the trial will be carried over into the full game if you wish to purchase it.

There’s a lot more going on with the Last Stand expansion than a trial, of course. There’s the titular PvP game mode, a new incursion, three additional Dark Zone areas, Dark Zone leaderboards, and legendary difficulty. Check out the DLC and trial trailers below!

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The Division is doubling the size of the Dark Zone

The Division is planning a double threat of gaming goodness that will be coming soon to a console or PC near you. Ubisoft will be rolling out two major pieces of content simultaneously in the coming months, delivering both the paid Last Stand DLC and the free Update 1.6.

It is this latter update that the team recently discussed in detail, telling players that they should expect some major improvements even if they don’t drop money on the DLC. The headlining feature is an expansion of the Dark Zone which should double the size of the PvP zone from what it covers today.

There’s a ton of additional aspects of 1.6, including a Legendary difficulty mode for three missions. These will be far and away some of the toughest content of the game, with new mobs and vanity items for the victors.

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The Division movie names Stephen Gaghan as director

You may have forgotten that a The Division movie has been in the works since last year. That is understandable: Time passes, trash day requires effort, and people didn’t shut up about Rogue One in your Twitter feed during the month of December. But we can assure you that the film is a real thing, it is still happening, and it has secured its director.

Stephen Gaghan has been tapped to direct the movie adaptation of the online game. Gaghan is a writer who has has several movie screenplays under his belt, including Syriana and Traffic. He also penned the script for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Gaghan is excited about the source material for the film: “The game has been an enormous success, in large part due to the visual landscape they created, their vision of a mid-apocalyptic Manhattan. It’s immersive, wonderfully strange, and yet familiar, filled with possibilities.”

Source: Polygon


One Shots: Tabula Rasa’s 21-gun salute

Ralph the Wonder Llama kicks off today’s community screenshot gallery with a salute to the late, great Tabula Rasa.

“Yes, Tabula Rasa ended up being rushed to market, and many of its features were pretty rough around the edges when the game first released, but this was 2008! Can you imagine what Tabula Rasa would have been like if it had survived and gotten a couple of expansions under its belt? The mind boggles. Here’s a shot of my Grenadier at Foreas Base, taken just a few days before shutdown. You can’t really tell with the helmet on, but I’m pretty sure my character is crying.”

On that happy note, let’s see what else you all have cooked up for us today!

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Dota 2, The Division list among the best-selling Steam games of 2016

One of my favorite things to do at the end of each calendar year is to read all of the “best of” lists that get posted all over the place. Steam is contributing to my delight, as it has posted its top 100 best-selling PC games of 2016. Plenty of MMOs, MOBAs, and online multiplayer titles dominate the list, which makes it interesting reading for those invested in our hobby.

The highest-revenue titles on the list (the “platinum” sellers) included The Division, Dota 2, and No Man’s Sky. Gold sellers welcomed ARK: Survival Evolved, Warframe, and H1Z1: King of the Kill to the club, while silver sellers gave tribute to Elder Scrolls Online and SMITE.

And at the bottom of the top 100 sellers, the “bronze” titles, are games like Final Fantasy XIV, Tree of Savior, Path of Exile, H1Z1: Just Survive, Grim Dawn, and Elite Dangerous. Note that all of these titles only mark games that had the highest grossing revenue, possibly thanks to sales, and do not reflect how much time was spent among the community playing them.

Source: Steam. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


Here are all of the online gaming deals from Amazon’s Digital Day sale

Wake up! Are you awake? Good, because you’ve got less than 24 hours to take advantage of Amazon’s first ever “Digital Day” sales event. Until midnight today, a whole bunch of digital content (movies, ebooks, and yes, games) are on sale.

We’ve rounded up some of the best deals on online games for you so that you can spend those Amazon gift cards you just got for Christmas… which may have been Amazon’s plan all along. Sinister!

Want even more deals? We’ve got a few more after the break!

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Global Chat: Boobs and wrinkles edition

Is the infamous “chainmail bikini” slowly disappearing from western RPGs and MMOs? Pete at Dragonchasers thinks that it is… and he kind of laments the change.

“I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who likes them but I’m not going to out anyone,” he writes. “Instead I’m wondering if there’s a way to save sexy outfits without continuing to offend the folks who are not fans. I want everyone to be happy gaming and if that means more conservative clothing, so be it. But maybe we can find a way for everyone to be happy.”

We’ve got a special year-end edition of MMO blog posts for you to enjoy today, including an examination of facial wrinkles in SWTOR, the top five problems of EVE Online, and socialism in MMOs!

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Massively OP’s MMO guide to the Steam Winter Sale

Do you have any money left after all of that holiday shopping, travel, and dining out? Steam would very much like to have what remains, if you please, and is willing to trade you some discounted games in return.

Yes, the annual Steam Winter Sale is up and running, which means all sorts of deals for the frugal MMORPG player. We’ve compiled a huge list of all of the deals — including discounts of up to 90% off! — to help you navigate the holiday promotion. The sale ends on January 2nd. Hope it helps!

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MMO Year in Review: A wild Black Desert approaches (February 2016)

This year, we’re taking a time-machine back through our MMO coverage, month by month, to hit the highlights and frame our journey before we head into 2017.

February, abbreviated as it was, was still a packed news month for MMOs. Two games dominated the headlines as they racheted up their test schedules: the Korean import Black Desert and the much-delayed Ubisoft shooter hybrid The Division. We also saw ArcheAge and RIFT try to outdo each other with player-alienating business model changes. Meanwhile, we were still scoping out the brand-new Blade & Soul.

February was also the month the site got a much-needed back-end upgrade. Read on for the whole list of our favorite stories that month!

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The Division is free on PC this weekend

Are you interested in The Division, but not interested enough to put down your money and try it out on your dime? A compromise is available to you. Starting today, players can download the game, log in, and try shooting their way through the game’s various missions and back-alleys completely free. The promotion runs from now until December 18th, so you have plenty of time to get in and get shooting.

If it winds up tickling you, the further good news is that the game is half off at the official store for both standard and gold editions of the game, so you can pick up a copy for yourself at discount price. And maybe pick up another copy for a friend so that you can almost justify it as proper holiday shopping. It’s all right, we won’t tell anyone. Just take advantage of all of this before the weekend’s over if your interest is piqued.


The Division’s crying woman is no longer crying… or present

Before patch 1.4, The Division featured a crying woman in the Grindhouse. Why was she crying? Nobody knows, but considering that the game is set in a version of New York City that has become a murder-filled hellscape with innocent people trapped inside, there are plenty of reasons. Players couldn’t talk with this woman or comfort her; they could just see her crying, all day, every day.

While patch 1.4 didn’t make a big deal out of the change, it did quietly change the story of the crying woman… by removing her entirely. Why was she crying? Could you have helped her out? Did she get rescued? Killed? Who knows! She was irritating, so she’s gone forever now.

If you’d like to make this a parable about selfishness weighed against pragmatism, it’s only fair to note that the perpetually weeping woman was loud enough to be heard throughout the Grindhouse, so it might be better to think of “sobbing child on an airplane” rather than “woman no one cared about enough to help.” Also, again, there was no way to help her, since she had no associated content. Still, it’s a bit of an odd end for some set-dressing.

Source: Kotaku


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